Powell Peralta Vato Rats Birch Complete Skateboard - Black/Blue 8 X 31.45

Powell Peralta Vato Rats Birch Complete Skateboard - Black/Blue 8 X 31.45

Powell Peralta Vato Rats Birch Complete Skateboard - Black/Blue 8 X 31.45

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Get ready to roll with the Powell Peralta Vato Rats Birch Complete Skateboard in striking Black/Blue, measuring a versatile 8 x 31.45 inches. This complete skateboard is a tribute to skateboarding's rebel spirit and is designed for riders who crave style, performance, and quality all in one package.

🛹 Key Features:

  • Birch Construction: Crafted from high-quality birch wood, this deck offers the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, ideal for all skate styles.
  • Complete Setup: The Powell Peralta Vato Rats Complete Skateboard comes fully assembled with high-quality trucks, griptape, wheels, and bearings, ensuring you're ready to hit the pavement right out of the box.
  • Vato Rats Graphic: The Vato Rats graphic pays homage to skateboarding's renegade roots, making a bold statement on the streets.
  • Perfect Size: With an 8-inch width and 31.45-inch length, this deck is a versatile choice for street skating, park sessions, or cruising.

Upgrade your skateboarding gear with the Powell Peralta Vato Rats Birch Complete Skateboard. This complete setup combines style, durability, and performance, allowing you to express your individuality on the board.

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Join the Vato Rats and skate with attitude. Grab your Powell Peralta Vato Rats Birch Complete Skateboard in Black/Blue today and hit the streets in style. 🛹💥

      You may ask:  Is this board good for a beginner?… absolutely.  Is this board good for someone advanced and just looking to get from my car to class or from class to class and can be stowed away easily?… Well, all those are good for this board. 

      A 28” long board is more stable and ideal for learning, but for the smaller fast learners … the 22” is the way to go. 

      Swell Skateboards are made of the highest quality materials so you have a skateboard that will last for generations and be able to ride from the age they can walk to the age they can walk…

      Our boards are tested not only in the factory that go through rigorous check points, but even better they have been tested by 1000’s of people just like you.

      We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No Hassle returns. Excellent Customer Service is part of our DNA.


      Swell Skateboards

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      Our brand philosophy

      The skate community is heavily intertwined with the ocean way of life. Swell is committed to redefining the way humans interact with our coastlines and ocean environment, by challenging you to do your part in Save the Swell and joining our blue initiative.

      Let us know how you protect the swell! Wether it be skating to work, picking up trash, or using ocean safe sunscreen, we welcome you to join our community of ocean change-makers!



      Personally love my Swell board! Rides fast and smooth and is my go to beach weekend cruiser.

      Jamie C.
      San Diego, CA

      Newer brand but with a rad message. I picked one up at Zumiez and been riding my Swell board for a while now and it has been great!

      Tyler F.
      Minneapolis, MN