Welcome to the Swell Skateboard family. Your new board is designed with quality components and built for strength, flexibility, and performance. Still, over time, general wear and tear or prolonged exposure to the elements may impair your board’s performance. To maintain a smooth and safe ride, we advise that you:
continuously maintain your board;
inspect your board before each use for loose bolts, nuts, damage, chips or cracks;
tighten and/or adjust any loose bolts or nuts found;
replace bearings, nuts and bolts with Swell Skateboard manufactured components after sustained use;
immediately discontinue use and replace your skateboard deck with a new Swell Skateboard deck if chips or cracks are found; and
replace board components throughout its life, including replacing wheels with Swell Skateboard wheels.
Swell Skateboards Safety Information & User Instructions:
Your skateboard is a piece of sporting equipment designed and manufactured to operate as a single unit with all its original components. It is only designed to operate safely with correct use and installation of components manufactured by Swell Skateboards.
We advise against modifications to your board. Modifications, including use of non-Swell Skateboard components, may impair safety and/or impact performance of your skateboard for its intended use.
Your Swell Skateboard is designed for adult or young adult single user operation at a maximum mass per user of 100kg / 220 pounds.
Your skateboard is not a toy. Unsupervised use by children is not recommended.
Your skateboard is to be used solely for skateboarding, in adherence with safety regulations, and ideally on flat, clean and dry surfaces. Always obey road, sidewalk, and trespassing laws applicable in the jurisdiction where your Swell Skateboard is used.
We advise the use of protective equipment, including head protection (especially a helmet), hand/wrist protection, elbow protection and knee protection when operating this skateboard. Avoid hazards such as vehicles and obstacles, and wet or icy surfaces.
Swell Skateboard Limited Warranty:
We warrant, for the lifetime of your Swell Skateboard, that your Swell Skateboard will not break under normal riding conditions due to defects in materials or workmanship.
The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the damaged Swell Skateboard, at our discretion.
The warranty covers only the original purchaser of a Swell Skateboard from us, as evidenced by an order confirmation or receipt. The warranty is non-transferable, meaning a subsequent purchaser cannot make a claim under this warranty.
Modifications to your board, including use of non-Swell Skateboard components, will immediately void your warranty.
Making a Claim. To be considered for repair or replacement, covered defects in your skateboard must be reported to us in writing at the contact information listed at the end of this document within 30 days after your discovery of the damage.
Exclusions. The warranty does not cover:
1.    breakage or damage due to normal wear and tear;
2.    breakage or damage due to improper use, including improper foot position while landing high impact tricks;
3.    damage or scratching to the aesthetic display of the board and its designs caused while riding;
4.    intentional breakage or damage;
5.    tail or nose wear from dragging on the ground while skating;
6.    edge chipping from normal wear and tear (rather than a manufacturing defect);
7.    damage incurred due to storage or transportation of the product;
8.    modifications, improper installation of accessories, or unauthorized repair;
9.    warping from exposure to heat, rain or snow; or
10.    misuse of the product.
There are inherent risks in skateboard use, particularly when tricks are attempted or improper form is used. By using your skateboard, you hereby fully assume such risks. Except as the above warranty contemplates, we are not liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you (however caused, and including injury to persons or property) in connection with your Swell Skateboard, and under no circumstances shall our liability exceed the actual amount you paid for the defective product, nor shall we be liable for consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages or losses, whether direct or indirect (except to the extent a jurisdiction does not allow exclusion or limitation of such damages).
Nothing above limits any statutory rights of any person to the extent such rights cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law, or other rights and remedies under laws applicable to the goods to which the warranty relates.
Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, including, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, about your Swell Skateboard.
Consumer Laws. Nothing herein is intended to limit any of your rights under any consumer protection laws applicable where Swell Skateboards are sold by us.  Any claims in connection with such rights must be claimed against us to the extent and in the manner contemplated by the applicable law.
Governing law. By purchasing a Swell Skateboard, you hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the courts located in the State of California, County of Santa Barbara.
Customer Service. Please submit any questions about your Swell Skateboard, or claims under this limited warranty, to our Customer Service team at 805-966-3007, support@swellskateboards.com, or at the following link: www.swellskateboards/warranty. All other brands not Swell Skateboards will have their own personal warranties please inquire if you need assistance with warranty.