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This skateboard is a great quality board with a fun design on the bottom. Our son loves it and took off cruising as soon as he received it. It has a smooth ride that any skateboarder would love especially for getting around campus or the neighborhood.


The Black Sand skateboard from Swell is awesome! The board is all black and the wheels have a sandy finish. At only 22” the board is incredibly sturdy yet easy to maneuver. The ride is smooth and feels like you’re riding a wave! This is a high quality board suitable for any level of boarder.


This skateboard is even better than it looks online.  The ride is really quiet and smooth and I love riding around campus.  It feels really well put together! Swell Skateboards randomly sent me a free tee shirt for tagging my friends on Instagram. Very cool company and the best part is that they are helping to save our oceans!  Very Cool!