Coming Soon

Swell Skateboards has been busy! We have gone back to the graphics team and created a completely new board design from top to bottom.  The new top will have a cool new vibe that fits our Swell brand.   The bottom will have a new design as well that allows the artwork to flow uninterrupted when being printed.  We also have a whole new line of creative designs and a new color palette that we think you are going to love! The boards will still have that classic look, but the new changes will help us keep our Swell brand easily distinguishable for years to come.

We have also added “Glow in the Dark” with the aGLOha and White Wash boards. These boards glow in the dark and the wheels light up too. 

We are also changing up a few of our classic board names. The boards we launched as Stringer and Oceans have been renamed Surfrider and Blue Wave and they will have the new tops and bottoms. 

Our original boards: Tiki Volcano, Fishbone, Coral/Coral Gold, Black Sand, and Aloha will also be available with the new tops and bottoms as well. 

We are excited about our new 28” board that will be arriving soon as well. 

Look for these boards here online soon or at your local skate or surf shops.