Hello and Welcome to ‘Skating the Swell‘, the official blog of Swell Skateboards, written and narrated by me: a non-skateboarder. 

Let me address your confusion: I was a kid who grew up with a handmade half-pipe in the front yard, but never had the confidence to strap on the pads or the helmet on. More than that, I didn’t have the willingness to part ways with my teeth and break a bone, required to give skateboarding a try. That was a way of life. I lived by the tag line ‘not worth it’. Despite the limitless pile of skateboards in the garage, I used the half-pipe as a stage for neighborhood hula-hooping competitions. 

I have since developed a new way of life— the Swell way of life— if you will. While, this is primarily a skateboarding blog and I am looking forward to posting the stories of people making a difference and exemplifying the bad-assedness involved in skating, now, as a 23 year old human, I will document my experiences venturing into the world of skate. I will speak toward the experience of trying new things and pursing the Swell lifestyle. 

While I have no intention of busting out kick-flips or 180 degree twisters (yes I just made that up) anytime soon, I have returned to the skating community in pursuance of the freedom and life it supports. So strap in because its time to seize some opportunities people! Welcome to the journey. 

All the best,





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