The New Website is Here!

Guess what folks? In case you haven’t guessed it from the announcements on our Instagram, the title of this very blog post, and the fact that you are now on it, we have a new website! Over the past several weeks the entire Swell team has been on a mission to step up our game while still bringing aboard (pun intended) everything you already love about Swell. My favorite part, and I am sure you’ve guessed it —this means new boards, new designs, and a whole lot of fun surprises that will be popping up on your feed as we continue the unveiling. So, without further ado, I would like to personally welcome to the new Swell Skateboards website.

Each of the new boards come with personalized stories from the team and creators. The ‘Dorado’ inspired my grandfather and his fishing adventures in Mexico, ‘Hollywood’ inspired by our California roots and love retro beach culture. We’ve got the ‘aGLOWha’ which (if the name didn’t already imply) glows in the dark and sports our favorite flower on the top, bringing a fun addition to our new top of the board design for all of our decks. My personal favorite ‘Rincon’, is inspired by one of our favorite and most famous California surf spots, blurring the lines (another pun) between beach and skate culture which ultimately is at the very heart of our inspiration at Swell! 

We’ve also got 28’ board coming up the pipeline later this month for those of us with large feet and a hankering for stability and bigger black sands! 

Our Save the Swell Scholarship program is still up and running, and we cannot wait to begin handing out awards for the 2021 season! 

As the sun comes out I plan to keep y’all posted on my skating progress as I continue to learn roll and fall along this journey with the rest of you.



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