The Bulldog Revolution

The Bulldog Revolution

I am not going to lie, watching bulldog skateboarding videos has brought light to my life in a way that has transformed my perception of skating. I grew up in the Tony Hawk Era. Big jumps, grinding around cement holes in the ground, scratching the bottom of your ‘deck’ on rails, mini ‘tech decks’ (the original fidget spinners and bane of all teacher’s existences) and Vans.

I wore Vans. Poser. I know.

It appealed to the kids desperate to test the durability of their helmets and sport elbow scabs as if it were a new fashion trend. Aka not me. Watching dogs ride skateboards flipped my opinion of skateboarding on its head (pun intended). It seemed fun, laid back, a source of leisure and hilarity. I began to see colorful skateboards small enough to fit into backpacks and vibrant enough to put my Sharpied Vans to shame.

Now I come to you in the era of Swell, where skateboarding is for everyone, even bulldogs.


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