Skating in the Rain... Or Not

Santa Barbara is seeing some real rain for the first time this year, but a weather app or a step outside could’ve told you that. Point being, skateparks are closed, its cold and wet, and most of us are left with no choice but to bring the skateboard inside and use it to get from one place to another around the house or switch it out for a snowboard and head for the hills. Still, there are those amount us braving the elements and slipping and sliding down the streets all the same. 

If you are looking for something fun to do to help the family burn energy, may I suggest one of my personal favorites: Hungry Hungry Hippos (skateboard edition).

It requires at least four players (two hippos and two helpers), two skateboards and something for the hippos to 'snack on' (i.e. a big pile of pillows, some tennis balls from the garage, or anything your hippos can grab with two hands).

When you are ready to begin the game each hippo must lay down on the skateboard (stomach down) and each helper must stand behind their hippo and hold onto their legs. Each hippo must be set up on opposite sides of the food pile facing the inside.

Count down from three and begin the game. Helpers will push the hippos into the middle of the circle where the hippos will grab as much 'food' as they can. Once the hippo has ahold of the food, helpers will pull the hippos back where the hippos can deposit the food behind them. When all the food is gone, the hippo and helper pair with the most food wins!

Let us know if you enjoy the game by submitting your hungry hungry hippo pictures to @Swell_Skatebaords on Instagram!

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