Save the Swell

Swell Skateboards has joined the blue wave and decided to donate one dollar of every product purchase to develop the Protect the Swell Fellowship Program, in support of innovative sustainability research and project efforts protecting our oceans.

The skate community is heavily intertwined with the ocean way of life. Swell is committed to redefining the way humans interact with our coastlines and ocean environment, by challenging you to do your part in protecting the Swell and joining our blue initiative.

Let us know how you protect the swell! Wether it be skating to work, picking up trash, or using ocean safe sunscreen, we welcome you to join our community of ocean change-makers!

Community member highlight: Laura Bailes is a marine biologist earning her masters degree in sustainable development and is being recognized for her contribution to sustainability efforts, ocean conservation, and education. She has recently launched and ‘artivism’ campaign highlighting the importance of endemic species and their associated ecosystems. Dont know what artivism is? Don’t know what endemic species are? Check out her website and participate in an art competition designed to bring awareness to some of our most fragile global environments including the ocean!

Follow Laura and her ocean adventures on instagram !

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