Very excited to announce that Swell Skateboards has just launched their clothing line online! Tons of fun t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a skeleton fish hat to match your favorite skateboard designs.

I have been rocking a Tiki Volcano sweatshirt everywhere I’ve gone since I got it (despite the late summer heat). The design is so original and a comfy sweatshirt definitely fits my quarantine vibe and aesthetic. The shirts aren’t 100% cotton so they are soft and lightweight (perfect for skating in) and they come in red, white, black, grey, and beige (aka my entire wardrobes color palette).

Couldn’t wait to take them to the beach and take some photos in them. I even sat around the skatepark for a while to watch some of our local Santa Barbara skaters grind around. Big shoutout to @jonesigram for the amazing photos and an otherwise rad day at the beach.

Since my last post, I have fully emerged myself in skater culture. I spend way more time outside, I am seeking out adventure, and prioritizing fun in my life. It has been a total game changer. Fear of not belonging has guided so many of my decisions to sideline myself before giving others the opportunity to not include me; that fear is unsubstantiated. I feel like I finally understand what people way when they utter the words ‘you can do anything you put your mind to.’ That phrase used to aggravate me. It doesn’t matter how much I put my mind to it, I will never be the world’s premier high jumper, or the best chess player, or twelve feet tall. The words felt bogus. Now I realize, that you can do anything you put your mind to. You might not do it right, or well, or blow anyone away, but you can try it. Nothing and no one is stopping you, but you.

I didn’t skate when I was young. It was a boys activity. I got enough criticism at school for playing football instead of picking flowers to weave into chains like the rest of my female classmates. It looked dangerous (like I said before). I didnt have the patience— biking was faster. But the option was always there. I just chose not to take it.

I have stopped taking myself so seriously. Embraced the madness of the word and inserted myself into situations and opportunities that have brought substantial joy to my life. Skating and the Swell Skateboarding community has been one of those. I am beyond stoked to be an ambassador for this amazing brand and to continue keeping you all updated on what’s new and how my skating journey progresses.

Boards get in next week! You can preorder the boards online now to claim your favorite before they sell out! Check them out on the website and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments bellow!

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